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If you want to learn dynamic partner acrobatics skills such as Pops, Whips, Whip-pops and Icarian from the basics or progress to more advanced skills, you are in the right place! In our workshops, we will teach you all the tools you need in order to build up your skills step by step through appropriate progressions that will develop your body intelligence, and will enable you to get tricks that looked impossible before.

For years, we have been teaching how to play with these disciplines and mix them up in order to master them and create fun flows that transition smoothly and naturally between one another.


We can help you improving your acrobatic skills!

Our online training program is designed for all levels students and will teach you how to achieve your goals. 

A solid foundation is the key to any advanced skill. With our online training, you will learn how to establish it and develop your body awareness in order to get the smart reflexes that will make any learning process easier, and once you have it, also clearly much faster and much more precise!

Ready to start your online acro journey?

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